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Inspiring Change... within the home! Happy international Women's day 2014

The theme of this years International Women's day was "Inspiring change..." AWSEA believes like most thing change begins within the home first. 

"Inspiring change within the home

In many households across the MENA region, especially households that are living in extreme poverty there is a general trend of favoring and investing in sons more than daughters, not just in education but also in health. There is this idea that is prevalent, that sons will be better able to earn a living and take over the running of the households whilst the daughters will be married off. This may well be the case as it ties in with the culture of the middle east. However recent unrest in the Middle East has left many women widowed and heads of their households, having an education could assist these women in providing for their families by getting a job without having to rely on external aid.

We want to inspire change within the home, so that both boys and girls are given equal access to an education, not to say that we are challenging the status quo and believe women have to work, that is the choice of each individual, what we are saying is, give girls an equal chance at an education because you never know when it may become an actual necessity for them to have to work to support themselves and their family's. 

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