Who we are:

AWSEA is a UK based charity that advocates equality for women in the home, seeing this as not only practical but necessary. We maintain that education is the absolute most essential component for the empowerment of women. We see a strong family unit as being vital for society, this we believe begins with the mother. We believe that support knows no limit and one woman at a time we can make a difference.

Our vision:

Is to educate and thus empower women to make practical choices in their own lives. We envision a world where women do not have to live in poverty, where they have the knowledge and support to take care of themselves and provide for their families and become proactive members of their communities. A World where being a rural woman does not equate being an illiterate woman and where equality for women is the norm.

Our mission;

  • To educate women, in all aspects of their lives.
  • To empower women by giving them life skills that will boost their confidence and self-esteem.
  • Support their personal development and help them overcome trauma and other problems they may have faced in life as a result of war, conflict etc…
  • To enable women with the knowledge to help their families financially and to spread awareness to women, to make them realise their value in society.
  • To change society’s perception of women.
  • To give women the knowledge to raise their children efficiently under all circumstances.

To achieve this we work to;

  • Provide women with the necessary education through various means i.e. media, lectures, workshops, support groups etc…
  • Get local leaders on board to help change the perceived perception of the role of women.
  • Train and educate local volunteers, who will then be able to aid local women with their queries and problems. In an environment which is comfortable and natural for all

Our ultimate aim is to open up centres in each of our targeted areas, in which the volunteers can be based and workshops can be provided. And where women can go to get general advice if need be.

Each area/region/ country will have its own specific problems so we intend to be flexible and create each centre to facilitate the needs of the women in each area.

How we aim to achieve our mission;

  • By researching thoroughly the local areas we intend to work in.
  • By engaging with the locals and paying attention to their needs and wants.
  • By working in partnership with the communities to achieve the most effective and positive outcome for women.

 where do we operate at present:

London, Egypt, West bank

our representatives:

In Egypt: Azaa Abuzied tel:00201145626236

In West Bank: Mr Jawdat tel:00970597127631


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