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The cycle of health begins with the mother, Care starts when you care.

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The London based Arab women's support and empowerment association (AWSEA) is a female empowerment organisation established to provide women in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) with the support and education crucial to extracting themselves from poverty and crisis.

The AWSEA aims to equip women who have survived traumas such as war, revolution and conflict with the knowledge, tools and resources necessary to securing their rights as women, and to altering their situation in life. We also aim to provide them with culturally and religiously sensitive counselling and psychological support services to help deal with the various forms of trauma they may have experienced.

Recognizing the substantial potential of women to effect far reaching social and economic change, AWSEA provides educational programmes with the objective to enable increased female contribution to the growth, development and stability of their societies. The significant knock-on effect of educating women means that our work aims not only to improve individual prospects, but to contribute to the advancement of societies as a whole; women’s education benefits entire families and communities, and filters down through the generations.

The AWSEA takes a holistic approach in the support and education it provides focusing on the full range of factors that may affect a woman’s life. This includes an emphasis on physical and health issues, intellectual growth, and psychological and emotional well-being. The AWSEA aims to enable women to:

1. Boost their confidence and self-esteem

2. Support their personal development

3. Pursue their dreams and aspirations

4. Overcome trauma and other problems in life

5. Give more to their families and communities

6. Prevent family breakdown and reduce social exclusion

7. Spread awareness about their value to society

8. Raise their children efficiently under all circumstances

9. Know how to help their families financially

10. Know how to celebrate happy occasions

We are funded by charitable grants and individual donations.