Resources & Publication

AWSEA suggests a number of books that can be very useful in empowering women. Such books can be bought from any bookshop or from Amazon.

  • Blissful Marriage (Dr. Mohamed Bashir)
  • Parenting in the West (Dr. Mohamed Bashir)
  • Muslim Teens (Dr. Mohamed Bashir)
  • Family Leadership, An obligation to fullfill not an excuse to abuse (Dr. Mohamed Bashir)
  • The 30 secrets of happily married couples (Paul Coleman)
  • The seven Principle for making marriage work (John Gothman)
  • His needs and her needs (Wllard.f & Harley)
  • Raising happy kids (over 100 tips for parents and teachers)(Elizabeth Hartley-Brewer)
  • Brain rules for baby: how to raise a smart and happy child from zero to five (John Media)
  • Positive mind healthy heart (Joe Piscatella)
  • 365 Ways to reduce stress (Eve Adamson)
  • 365 Ways to live happy (Eve Adamson)
  • Change your life (John Bayrd)
  • Managing Anger (Geal Linedfield)
  • Status of Women in Islam and Polygamy in Islamic Law (Dr Jamal Badawi)
  • Women in Islam and Muslim Society (Dr Hassan Turabi)
  • Feminism and Muslim women (Sajda Nazlee)
  • The place of Women in Islamic Life (Dr Yusuf al Qaradawi)
  • Women between Islam and Westren Society (Maulana Wahududdin khan)


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